Domain names

Domain names make it easier for other people to find your website.

Instead of an ugly URL like,output you can just tell people to go to something like or - much easier to remember.

Domain names cost money. As cheap as $0.88/year for a new TLD like .xyz, about $10/year for most established TLDs like .com or .net, and as much as $100/year for some "premium" TLDs like .io.

The great thing about making websites is that this is one of the most expensive costs of setup. If you had any other kind of business you'd probably spend more than that on toilet paper every week!


Registrars are companies that can sell you domain names. My top recommendation is Namecheap:

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 8.51.49 AM

This is because they have a lot of domain names that are only $0.88/year for the first year. Search for an available domain name, like

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 8.53.53 AM

and you'll see a list of available domains. Here I can see that the .com is still available for $10.69/year, and the .xyz is available for just $0.88/year.

From here, just add the domain name to your cart and check out. If this is your first domain name, you'll need to create an account.

Alternative Registrars

If you know you're going to be getting a .com, .net, or .org, those will all be around $10 no matter where you go, so it makes sense to buy it from an easier to use website. Try either Hover or Google Domains.

Whois guard

When you register a domain name, it's a legal requirement to include information on who you are so that other people can contact you if your website is doing bad things.

You can look up this contact information with a Whois request.

However, if you pay a little extra when you buy your domain name, you can hide your contact information. This is usually called "Whois guard" or "privacy guard", and will cost a few more dollars a year when you buy your domain name.

This cost isn't that much, and the benefit is potentially large, so you should always buy Whois guard.


Register a domain name and paste it below.

If you would like to spend 50 of your points for me to buy you an $0.88 domain name, call me over when you get to the part to enter credit card information.


Try this challenge on your own first, then come back here to see other people's solutions.

Try this challenge on your own first, then come back here to see other people's solutions.